Nurse Shark transported through the desert with the help of our carrier

We are proud to have received great feedback from Lewis Cocks at Issham Aquatics after they used our Large Shark Carrier to move their Nurse Shark.

Lewis writes:

Hi Clem

So this was a Road transport from Jeddah to Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), the world's largest Residential Aquarium - 1,600,000 Liters (1.6 Million).
We moved a 2.3m Female Indo-Pacific Nurse Shark (Nebrius ferrugineus) via a 19 Hour Road Transport.
This Nurse Shark was reproduced in captivity here in Jeddah, and which we believe are the only captive bred individuals recorded. 
Your carrier performed well, and we thank you for providing us with this great product!

transporting nurse shark desert 2

transporting nurse shark desert 4

transporting nurse shark desert 3

Below are some photos of the same shark around 7 years ago being weighed and measured:

baby nurse shark

baby nurse shark 2

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