NEW applications for existing safety products

We are once again happily surprised as we learn of new applications for which our protective products offer an extra layer of defence against.

Matt Bolland, the Head Keeper at Exploris Aquarium & Seal Sanctuary in Northern Ireland, so kindly shared a few beautiful photographs with us.

In these pictures we can see that our Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are used when handling baby seals.

And our Stingray Chaps as protection against the bites of otters! 

Always great to experience the creativity and improvisation of animal handlers around the world when it comes to the use of our products.

Especially as it often inspires others to equip their staff with adequate protection in the process too.

Keep up the great work Matt!

chaps otters

chaps otters

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Additional (if you have a moment, that is..)

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you what happened when we tested our leg guards against the bites of otters many years ago..

It was at the Sealife Aquarium in Birmingham, where assistant curator James Robson offered to trial run the leg guards we normally supplied against snake bites.

James fitted the leg guards and walked into the enclosure of the otters..

The (3) otters came running up and (as usual) started biting really hard into the legs

Now of course, there were leg guards to protect him

And.. James just stood still

So, the otters kept biting..

BUT.. James did not move!

Then he left the enclosure

.. and he said that he had to laugh as the otters looked rather confused!

Then, the next day, James went into the enclosure again

The otters ran up to him and started biting again into the leg guards!

And, same as the day before, he did not move

Then.. James said; suddenly, the otters stopped biting..

And the next day… (?)

Guess what..

The otters did not even try to bite again!!

So we learned that they are actually learning!

We have since seen in many different zoos and aquariums that otters stopped biting the legs IF the keepers are not jumping around anymore!!

If there is no reaction, they actually lose interest

A little bit like small children, we guessed

No reaction = NO FUN!

Upon evaluation with James we concluded that there was a trade-off between offering protection against the keepers, and with us taking away animal enrichment from the otters (oops..)

And we decided that we should probably apologise to the otters who would no longer have this kind of fun any more L

Now we have learned that also the (Stingray) Chaps fulfil that most important element of protecting staff against otter bites!

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