FLYING Shark gently coaches SWIMMING Shark!

(Or rather, how do you stay EXTRA safe when catching a Sand Tiger with the TAV Shark Bag?)

Well.. by wearing Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves - during the dive - whilst coaching the shark into the device!

We are super excited to share some absolutely amazing footage of the one and only Joao Correia of Flying Sharks during his visit to Brazil.

Joao and his team not only supplied Aquario Marinho do Rio de Janeiro with the creatures, but also ensured that the appropriate tools were at hand.

And as a true professional he demonstrated how the combination of the TAV Shark Bag with the protective Venom Defender Gloves ensured a successful result.

You can also see a new feature which we have just implemented in our TAV Shark Bag, which is the Flexible Rounded Opening!
Please get in touch if you would like to have more detailed information.

Team 1-2-1

flying shark swimming shark 2

flying shark swimming shark 3

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