Handling Caiman Lizards at Chester Zoo

Inspecting Caiman Lizards at Chester Zoo

In this news feature we're back at Chester Zoo where curator of lower vertebrates & invertebrates Gerardo Garcia and his team are inspecting some new arrivals - 2 Caiman Lizards.

The 2 Caiman Lizards which had just arrived at Chester Zoo needed to be measured, weighed and identified before being placed into quarantine.

These lizards can inflict serious wounds to a handler and so staff used our Animal Handling Gloves as protection during the procedure.

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Our gloves continue to provide excellent protection against bits and scratches from lizards of all sizes. They also provide the dexterity required to handle animals carefully.
The result is a calmer experience for all involved including the lizards for whom is was vital that stress was kept to a minimum.

For more information about the Lizards and other reptiles at Chester Zoo, visit: http://www.chesterzoo.org/animals/reptiles

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