Bat Handling at Chester Zoo

Handling Bats at Chester Zoo

In this news feature we visit Fruit Bat Forest at Chester Zoo to hear learn how the Venom Defender animal handling gloves have helped staff prepare for a BBC documentary.

It's very uncommon to handle bats at all but curator Tim Rowland and his team at Chester Zoo wanted to prepare the enclosure at Fruit Bat Forest for a documentary which was due to be filmed by the BBC.

Until recently, there have been no gloves on the market which have offered adequate protection alongside the dexterity required to handle animals like Bats. Their bites can be painful and cause infection and so we were delighted to hear that the Venom Defender Gloves have really helped during this procedure.

Staff reported sufficient dexterity to actually feel these rather delicate animals and the gloves gave them the confidence with the knowledge that they are safe from bites.

This extra security helps to promote a calm experience for both the handler and the bats and in this instance provided an ideal opportunity to carry out health checks too!

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