Handling a Dwarf Mongoose at Chester Zoo

Inspecting a Dwarf Mongoose at Chester Zoo

In this news feature we're at Chester Zoo where keepers are inspecting the Dwarf Mongoose with the help of our Animal Handling Gloves.

It was time for Tim Rowland (Curator of Mannals at Chester Zoo) and his team to perform a general inspection on the Dwarf Mongoose.

These small and rather cute animals can actually inflict a nasty bite and so to help during this procedure, staff have been waring our Animal Handling Gloves.

The Gloves which are now used during a variety of procedures and on numerous animals at the zoo offer exceptional protection for handlers whilst at the same time providing the dexterity required to handle such delicate animals safely.

Handlers report an enhanced feeling of confidence during procedures and a far more relaxed experience for both handler and animal. The result is less stress for everyone involved.

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