Protective Vet Gloves

Protective gloves for vets that need to handle cats, reptiles or other animals that have the potential to cause harm.

Improve your safety during veterinary inspections and create a more relaxed experience for the animals.

As used in PDSA veterinary hospitals.

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Health and Safety Alert

90% of injuries received in small animal veterinary practice are due to bites and scratches.

Whilst veterinary teams might accept the daily risk of being injured at work, these incidents can have a significant impact to individuals and to the practice.

  • Huge costs to veterinary business
  • A fifth of staff rated these injuries as “severe”
  • Deep cat bites more common than superficial scratches
  • Cat injuries require medical treatment
  • Practices have a responsibility to mitigate these risks

Issues with current handling techniques:

Some restraint techniques can be extremely stressful to the pet and this may escalate into fear associated aggression. Research has indicated that current problems include:

  • Towels offer little if no protection from teeth and claws
  • Leather gloves are bulky and heavy handed
  • Gardening gloves are commonly used but can still result in injury
  • Most personal protection equipment (PPE) cannot be laundered so it retains scents that become offensive to cats and other species
  • Inadequate restraint increases risk of stress, escape or patient injury

Introducing the Venom Defender Animal Handling Glove

A unique material that’s soft enough to care but strong enough to protect.

The Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves have been used to restrain some of the most dangerous species in the world. Trusted by many veterinary experts in zoos, these gloves have finally come to the small animal veterinary workplace.

90% of professionals in our market research said that the dexterity of the Venom Defender Glove was the most exciting feature.

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Protective Vet Gloves Features


The glove is designed to be supple, and becomes more flexible with use, which allows maximum dexterity for the animal handler. This minimises the risk of injury or pain to even the smallest of furries.


The features of the fabric allow for minimal restraint which reduces stress in your animal patient. The gloves are fully launderable which will reduce the incidence of scent-induced stress in cats and minimises the risk of disease transmission.


Advanced guard plate technology that offers bite pressure reduction and ultimate protection against punctures, scratches and needle stick injuries. Pre-curved shape for maximum comfort with full coverage design for hand and forearm.

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Technical Data

  • 3 layers of high dexterity performance SuperFabric® tested to EN388-EN420
  • Advanced guard plate technology adhered to high performance fabric providing superior puncture protection
  • Engineered to provide the highest level of hypodermic needlestick protection available on the market (Level 5 Hypodermic Needle- Hex Lab 3180)
  • Specialised silicon gripping surface on palm
  • Bite pressure reducing technology
  • Machine washable at 30°C, dries within 6 hours
  • Successfully tested for degradation against Disinfectants; 70% ethanol and Sodium Hypochlorite (ZSL London standard)

Guidance for the safe restraint of cats

**Guidance from the veterinary team at Vital Pet Health Ltd.

Step 1: With the correct size of glove selected, prepare to greet the patient by adopting a...
Step 2: Approach the cat quietly and calmly, so as not to startle. Avoid eye contact....
Step 3: When restraining for the procedure utilise the dexterity of the glove to gain maximum...
Step 4: Gently move the cat back to its safe area

Step 5: Inspect the fabric of the glove for any damage and launder after use.

1-2-1 (Animal Handling) Products Ltd is a proud member of BIAZA - British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

We are continuously working on projects with a number of leading veterinary surgeons, zoos and aquariums to find the best solutions in animal handling.

Our priority is to promote the highest health and safety standards for the animal handlers, whilst ensuring that the equipment design supports the highest level of animal welfare standards.

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