Our Gloves protect vets from cat bites and scratches

Our Gloves protect vets & veterinary nurses from cat bites and scratches

After successfully launching our animal handling gloves as protection against the bites and scratches of cats at the London Vet Show, we are excited to have received photographs from Megan at Wood Street Veterinary Hospital.

Many veterinary practises use the 'Towel Treatment' (whereby a towel is placed over a cat and then the feline is restrained), but with the help of our gloves the procedure to keep a cat under control is much more humane.

As the cat does not have to be unnecessarily stressed this promotes animal welfare, whilst at the same time the nurses are better protected. An overall better experience for both cats and nurses!

Megan says...

"We have been working with the animal handling gloves for a while now and would definitely recommend them as they certainly do the job over and above other gauntlets we have used. As a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Hospital, we are always looking at ways to make sure our feline friends are handled in a gentle and sensitive manner, whilst ensuring our staff are protected. If a cat is acting aggressively we know these gloves allow the handler to still have dexterity and feeling to handle the cat gently, whilst at the same time fully protecting their hands and arms. The gloves can be machine washed which is essential between patients to limit infection and odours."

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