Animal Handling Videos

Browse a selection of videos featuring our animal handling products in action in Zoo's & Aquariums around the world.

Catching a Sand Tiger Shark with the TAV Shark Bag

VDG Reticulated Python Dougie

VDG Dougie and Son melanistic water monitor

Handling a (Giant) Crocodile Monitor with Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves

Dougie Small and big lizard

A Caowan Turtle moved in our Sea Turtle Carrier

The first Leopard Sharks born in Europe, being moved with our Rubber Landing Net

Curator Steph and her team at Skegness Aquarium move Cownose Rays with the help of our Venom Defender Gloves and Rubber Landing Nets

Video of our scientific presentation at the I.A.C conference at Nausicaa in France

Louvre Abu Dhabi welcomes turtles in new rehabilitation lagoon

Beautiful footage of a 'Big Head' Sea Turtle being released

The first captive bred Sandtiger Sharks in the world to be transferred between two aquariums!

Releasing a Sea Turtle with the help of the next generation (of OUR species!!)

Rotterdam zoo XSSTC - Sea turtle capture

A new and innovative Marine Animal Isolation Device (MAID)

Conducting a medical check up of an Australian Whiptail Ray with our Ray Tray

Weighing a Green Sea Turtel using our carrier.

'SEAL' of approval for our Shark Carrier

Oceanopolis moves their 130 kilo Loggerhead Turtle successfully with our carrier

Moving Tarpon using The Aquarium Vet Shark Bag in combination with a Shark Carrier

Sea Turtle Carrier successfully used to train Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Stingray Capture Bag (aka Ham Bag)

Georgia Aquarium uses our Rubber Landing Nets

Flying Sharks feature our landing nets in their latest promotional video

The Aquarium Vet Shark Bag used to safely catch a Nurse Shark

Loggerhead Turtle checkup at Den Blå Planet

Turtle Training @ The Deep in the UK

Oceanarium Bournemouth moves a Sea Turtle with the help of our carrier

Pregnancy ultrasound of the Leopoldi Black Diamond Stingray.

Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden opens it’s shark nursery

The Marine Animal Isolation Device (MAID) in use at Budapest Zoo & Botanical Gardens.

The Elasmo Meeting 2019 @ Sosto Zoo Hungary

Two Green Sea Turtles rescued in Japan

Petting a Zebra Shark using our newly launched DIVE Gloves

The Blue Planet moves fish using our Rubber Landing Net

Venomous sea snake gives birth at the Blue Planet

Blue Planet operate on a large Stingray

The MAID (Marine Animal Isolation Device) used at The Deep to isolate Turtles

New sharks arrive at the National Marine Aquarium

Medical examination of a Sand Tiger Shark using The Aquarium Vet Shark Bag

A Routine Physical Examination For A Wobbegong Shark using our gloves

Green Moray Eel gets a checkup at Mystic Aquarium

Flying Sharks makes another delivery to a happy customer with the help of our Rubber Landing Nets

RAW 2018 Conference Presentation Video

Transporting two adult Lemon Sharks using our small carrier

Moving Moray Eels with 'The Aquarium Vet Shark Bag' in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

RAW 2017 Conference Presentation Video

Catching a Sand Tiger Shark with ‘The Aquarium Vet Shark Bag’

Professional Handling Equipment For Aquariums

Sealife Transports a 6ft Ray Shark Using our Shark Carrier, Ray Tray and Gloves

moving black tipped reef sharks

Moving 6 Black Tipped Reef Sharks (BBC News)

Shark Transported to Birmingham Sealife To Breed

Shark Transported to Birmingham Sealife To Breed

De Jong Marine Life in Holland using feeding grippers to feed sharks

Saline Jesolo Tataruga

See our Shark Carrier in action

See our Shark Carrier in action

Inspecting a Giant Lobster at Sealife using our gloves

Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves

Handling a Monitor Lizard at London Zoo

Handling Beaded Lizards at London Zoo

Testing the Venom Defender Gloves on Penguins at London Zoo