Feeding Gripper

Our Animal Feeding Gripper is a user friendly Tool ideal for feeding vegetables to Turtles or fish to Sharks and or even meat to Crocodiles.

The triple rubber coated top and bottom jaws ensure maximum grip to securely hold the food in place. It is constructed from one-piece quality anodised aluminium tubing and features a concealed (non visible) stainless steel cable and spring.

The handles are lacquered to ensure maximum resistance against corrosion caused by salt water. The wide gentle grip disperses pressure over a greater surface over the food, eliminating the possibility of squashing the food item.

This Marine Animal Feeding Gripper comes in three lengths, ideal for target feeding:
25" (63.5cm) | 40" (101.5cm) | 72" (183cm)

Feeding Gripper Video

See our Feeding Gripper in Action

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