Animal Handling Gloves

This revolutionary safety product enables the wearer to operate tools and syringes for intricate procedures such as ‘tagging’ or ‘vaccinating’ animals whilst providing adequate protection.

Tested on various reptiles and a variety of other animals - they provide an extra level of security for the handler and thus result in, and promote, a calm experience for the animals involved.

Animal Welfare a main feature of this product as when the handler feels safe and secure, the animal becomes less stressed.

Our gloves are available in 3 sizes. Please contact us for further information.


Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are widely used as an extra line of defence for:

  • Venomous snakes & Constrictors
  • Lizards
  • Small Crocodilians
  • Small Stingrays
  • Small Sharks
  • Tiger & Cheetah Cubs
  • Otters
  • Bats
  • Cats

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Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves (Hercules™ 3180 R8E)

Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are intended as an extra line of security and should not be taken as a substitute of good handling techniques. Although not guaranteed to be puncture proof these Venom Defender Products are highly puncture resistant. These are effectively used against puncture wounds. Trusted by many zoo and aquarium experts around the world.

Each and every person wanting to use these products for such dangerous activities such as handling venomous snakes, stingrays or other animals which can cause injury by means of venom and poison must do so on the understanding that they are fully responsible for their own actions. The handling of venomous snakes, stingrays or other animals which can cause injury by means of venom and poison should only ever be attempted by a trained expert.

Wear & tear is not an option, especially when handling venomous snakes, stingrays or other animals which can cause injury by means of venom and poison. When these products are damaged we strongly recommend that these should be replaced.

Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are ultimately not designed for this purpose and service life cannot be specified as this depends on application and responsibility of the user to ascertain suitability of the product for its intended use.

2 and 3 Layers of high performance SuperFabric® brand material technology – engineered to provide the highest level of needle-, and cut protection available on the market.

Protection areas of the gloves include palm, fingers, back of hand, in between fingers and fore arm.

Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves should be stored in dry conditions in its original package.

When these products are stored as recommended these will not suffer change in mechanical properties for up to 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are machine washable at 30c and will dry within 6 hours. Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are not waterproof.

Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves should only ever be used as a secondary protection against stingray barbs as a direct hit may be delivered with a significant force from the tail that could lead to a puncture of these products.

Dr Alexis Lécu - Parc Zoologique de Paris

Hi Maureen Hi Clem,

Your gloves are very useful, and I must say not only for « spined » or « spiked » species, but also for restraint of small/medium size mammals.

With very best regards,

Dr Alexis Lécu, DVM, Dipl. ECZM (ZHM)
Head Vet, Sci. Dir., Dep. Dir.
Parc Zoologique de Paris

Scott Hadley - Cluster Curator @ Sealife Nagoya, Japan

From its inception, SEALIFE Nagoya has been using 1-2-1 Animal Products for all of our aquarium operations.

The landing nets, venom defenders, shark stretchers and ray trays have been our strong and sturdy companions which made the opening process of our aquariums that much easier.

The shark stretchers have been used extensively to move sharks around our sites and deliver animals safely into their new homes.

The venom defender gloves are also invaluable as we handle stingrays and lionfish on a daily basis, and we know we can handle these animals safely with 1-2-1 Animal products.

Very happy with the quality and customer service, we are glad to be business partners with 1-2-1 Animals!

Cheers Clem & Maureen!

Scott Hadley - Cluster Curator @ Sealife Nagoya, Japan

Matt Goetz (Head of Herpetology, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust)

I've come accross Venom Defender gloves for the first time at ZLS / London Zoo. The confidence the keepers were able to handle otherwise potentially dangerous animals and the, therefore, so much calmer and less stressed animals sold them to me. I bought a pair to test them in our collection and yes, they feel stiff initially. But after using and washing them for a few weeks (and choosing the right size!) they do become very comfortable to wear.

The gloves allow us to train new keepers on venomous snakes with much more confidence and to handle difficult or potentially dangerous reptiles so much more easily and, mostly, without stressing them out through full constraint. I have introduced the gloves to our mammal department as well, especially for work with otters and tamarins/marmosets. Although I already experienced a fantastic customer service when buying our first pair of gloves it was a pleasure to recently meet Clem and Maureen in person. So many ideas, so much dedication and such good people!

Matt Goetz (Head of Herpetology, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust)

Tim Skelton (Curator of Reptiles & Amphibians, Bristol Zoo Gardens, UK)
We have found that the venom defender gloves offer an unprecedented level of confidence and safety when handling lizards such monitors and Heloderms. Additionally, they provide a safety level unparalleled when working with venomous snakes. We still use hooks and tubes, but feel much safer having these gloves available as well. They do feel a bit stiff initially, but soften up nicely once they have been washed a few times. Many thanks to Clem and Maureen for offering help and guidance and very friendly advice.
Tim Skelton (Curator of Reptiles & Amphibians, Bristol Zoo Gardens, UK)

Dr Ian Stephen (Curator of Herpetology, Zoological Society of London)

When I first heard about the Venom Defender gloves I, like most people I think, was a little sceptical. “There’s no way we’ll ever be using those at the zoo” was my initial thought. So it came as a bit of a surprise when I first saw them in use at the King Cobra Sanctuary, in the experienced hands (or on I should say) of Luke Yeomans. Now anyone that has had the pleasure and honour of seeing Luke at work will testify to the grace and respect with which he handles his animals. I am a firm believer that most snakes, venomous or not, handled in this manner repay the respect given to them by being a calm captive and a pleasure to handle. What I saw with the Venom Defender gloves added a new angle to this approach. Sure, most people could use a pair of tongs and apply such force and restraint to the animal to limit its movement, but you will have a much angrier and therefore potentially more dangerous snake in your hands.

So, after some deliberation I got in contact with Clem & Mauren recently and ordered a couple of pairs of gloves. It’s been said before but Clem and Maureen are not only fantastic to deal with but REALLY nice people. There’s not many people that treat you like an old friend the first time you meet them and it’s refreshing to meet such nice people involved with the business. We have only used the gloves thus far with monitors and heloderms, but it’s incredible to see how the animals respond to careful handing as opposed to traditional restraint methods. We’ll never be as hands on with our venomous snakes as Luke say, but the gloves are without doubt a very useful tool. Along with things like tubes (which Snake Professional also supply!) they provide an extra line of defence and reduce stress and injury to all involved.

Dr Ian Stephen (Curator of Herpetology, Zoological Society of London) 

James Hennessy (Zoo Director, Reptile Village Zoo, Ireland)
When I first saw these gloves I was very sceptical. After looking at the way they're manufactured, I was much more convinced but worried about how dextrous they were. I tried them on and was easily able to write perfectly well with a pen. This won me over. We now use a pair here in the zoo for Monacled Cobras, Gaboon Vipers, Western Diamondbacks and Gilas. There's no substitute for proper hooking and handling techniques but these gloves do offer another safety level. Here, we treat them as an airbag and not a seatbelt.

We've also found them very useful for harder to handle non-venomous such as Retics and Yellow Anacondas. They're also very effective against monitor claws! I have not, as yet, had the opportunity to try these in the field, but I feel they will only benefit our research work, making tasks such as scale counts, taking measurements and scale samples even safer. I also can't compliment enough Clem & Maureen’s commitment to their customers. These are genuine reptile people offering a quality product to keepers and professionals.

James Hennessy (Zoo Director, Reptile Village Zoo, Ireland)

Kristian Eriksson (Reptile curator Universeum Gothenburg Sweden)
I have used the gloves as an extra protection and here are some species and situations when i have used the gloves. When de-worming baby Deathadders and baby king cobras. Moving big eastern green mambas to new enclosures, handling Anacondas,moving "big" dwarf caimans and tubing species as Saw scaled vipers. So far i am very pleased with the gloves and i am finding more and more situations when the gloves are useful. When working with venomous reptiles i do NOT believe that any gloves should be used instead of hooks and tongs, but as an extra protection. If a situation does occur these gloves can probably save your life. I can highly recommend these gloves.

Kristian Eriksson (Reptile curator Universeum Gothenburg Sweden)

Megan Godfrey - Nursing Manager @ Wood Street Veterinary Hospital

We have been working with the animal handling gloves for a while now and would definitely recommend them as they certainly do the job over and above other gauntlets we have used. As a Gold Standard Cat Friendly Hospital, we are always looking at ways to make sure our feline friends are handled in a gentle and sensitive manner, whilst ensuring our staff are protected.

If a cat is acting aggressively we know these gloves allow the handler to still have dexterity and feeling to handle the cat gently, whilst at the same time fully protecting their hands and arms. The gloves can be machine washed which is essential between patients to limit infection and odours."

Megan Godfrey - Nursing Manager @ Wood Street Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Nicole Lange - Tierärztliche Gemeinschaftspraxis

We are a small animal practice and use the gloves to handle aggressive cats and sometimes parrots. Our pair of gloves is quite worn out. Sharp cat claws have cut through the outside surface of the gloves, but nobody had been hurt yet because the inner layers have kept our hands safe.


Now we would like to order 2 pairs of the gloves. Whilst they are really expensive, I think they are worth it and still cheaper than my vets needing to go to hospital.

Dr. Nicole Lange - Tierärztliche Gemeinschaftspraxis