The Elasmo Meeting 2019 @ Sosto Zoo Hungary

We were blessed to be invited to attend, and offer a presentation at the Elasmo Meeting 2019 @ Sosto Zoo in Hungary.

On top of all the super interesting activities, Attila and his team successfully demonstrated our Aquarium Vet Shark Bag.

Watch a beautiful video of the event below:

The Sosto Zoo team writes..

The Elasmo Meeting 2019 – Elasmobranch husbandry and health management workshop - accomplished with great success in Nyíregyházi Állatpark - SóstóZoo, Hungary. 53 participants, from 15 countries, 4 days, 18 lectures and 6 hours of practical courses in the topic of physiology, nutrition, veterinary management, breeding, capture and translocation of elasmobranch and sustainable population management.

Sóstó Zoo is proud to be part of such a dedicated professional community from and beyond Europe and share the most current scientific knowledge. The Techno, propagation and treatment of sharks were also featured in the four-Day International 'Conference of the kill' animal park.

The lectures and workshops were held by internationally recognized professionals at the hotel pangaea in the hotel pangaea, where they were among other things called the vulnerability of oceans ecosystem and talked about managing sustainable aquariums.

Experts from the 17 countries did not only hear theoretical lectures, but they also had the opportunity to acquire practical dishes, including the professionals of the animal park, introduced a shark education and a catch to the participants.

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