Health checkups for the marine animals at Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden

Thanks to Lilian and her team at Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden's Aquarium for sharing these photos of them performing health checks on the marine animals with the help of our products.

It is great to see how our good friend the VET Márton Hoitsy, DVM (aka Marci) is on hand to assist with checking and measuring the animals.

In the main picture (above), a routine full health check is being conducted on a male nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) using our small Ray Tray.

marci juvenile ray rubber landing net

Here we see Marci handling a juvenile ray (Dasyatis chrysonota) using our dive gloves and rubber landing net.

shovelnose ray measuring ray tray

Measuring a Shovelnose ray (Rhinobatus sp.) with our small Ray Tray.

ultrasound brown banded bambooshark ray tray

Lilian prepares for an ultrasound on a brown banded bambooshark (Chiloscyllium punctatum) using our small Ray Tray.

raytray ultrasound bambooshark

Marci and Lilian conducting an ultrasound on the bambooshark using our small Ray Tray.

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