Fresh Water Ray Procedure at Parc Zoologique de Paris

Parc Zoologique de Paris utilizes 1-2-1 products for successful Fresh Water Ray Procedure.

We are excited to share this video sent to us by Dr Alexis Lécu and his team at Parc Zoologique de Paris.

They used our Venom Defender Gloves to ensure the handlers were extra safe during the regular Fresh Water Ray procedure. Also our extremely smooth Rubber Landing Nets to ensure that none of the stingray barbs got entangled.

These products ensured the highest level of safety as well as animal welfare was maintained.

We are proud to see what a difference this makes to the dynamics of handling dangerous marine animals.

Keep up the great work!

Alex writes...

“Hi Clem & Maureen,
We are happy to share with you a nice video/pictures we took this morning while doing a freshwater ray procedure.
We have a research project on male freshwater ray chemical / immunological contraception, and we’re handling them every 15 days.
Using your gloves and net, no damages, neither for people nor for animals ;)

Check out the video below:

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