King Mydas loves his new toy!

We are well pleased to have received such a nice message from our dear friends Katrina and Rob from the Aquarium Vet company ( They visited Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and were introduced to Mydas, the Green Sea Turtle.

They both saw him LOVING our Sea Turtle Carrier! And then Katrina wrote to us...

“Hi Clem & Mau

We had the most amazing experience watching King Mydas eat at the top of the big tank for about twenty minutes.

He is such a character and they said he thinks the 121 animal stretcher is his and he is possessive of it!

Whenever they put it in the water for anything he goes straight to it and sits on it.

Even if its meant to be for the rays or whomever.

I liked that so asked them to send me pics and to send you some as well.

Katrina & Rob”

We were then presented with 2 videos of him wearing a gopro, and their team using the 1-2-1 stretcher for his weighing procedure!

Watch The GoPro Video

Thanks to Katrina & Rob, as well as Dee Murphy and her team @ Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans, USA.

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