Versatile Small Ray Tray is used as Sea Turtle collection device!

We have mentioned many times how impressed we are about the improvisation skills of aquarists around the world. And here we have a perfect example which is testament to this fact.

Scott Hadley and his team of Sealife Blankeberge in Belgium have shared a few wonderful photos with us of the capture

And he writes this...

“Hi Clem & Maureen

We have had difficult times in the past when catching and moving Turtles.

But since upgrading to the wonderful 1-2-1 'Ray' Tray stretcher, the operation has become so much safer and less stress for the animal!

Using the cover makes it very easy to secure the turtle.

We had spent some time training staff which paid off, as we managed to successfully capture it the first try!

The turtles name is Cracker, who needed a regular health check up.

The weight of the turtle is 82kg.

For peace of mind we also used the venom defender gloves during the catch, which made it a much safer exercise - PLUS it gave us a lot more confidence when handling the turtle!

Thank you very much for providing us with such vital equipment.

And keep up the good work!”

Scott Hadley
Sealife Blankeberge

ray tray as turtle carrier 2

ray tray as turtle carrier 3

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