We are proud of the fact that we have successfully created our very first XXL Ray Tray and delivered it to Georgia Aquarium

Leah Neal and her team have worked together with us to design the device which would have to be big and strong enough to catch, move and weigh their largest Black-blotched fantail ray (Round ribbontail ray - Taeinura meyeni), namely 'Cleo', who weighs in at a whopping 295 kilos

We have implemented the folding option into the design of the frame, so that the XXL Ray Tray can be down-sized and stored easily

Step by step...

When the device arrived at the aquarium it was first used to move one of Cleo's babies

Leah sent us visuals and wrote;

XXL Ray Tray - Georgia with 1 of Cleos babies

"This is one of Cleo's “babies” in the XXL ray tray.

Weighing in at 185 kg.

We can truly call the new ray tray a game changer, as being able to lift these animals safely is what we’ve longed for and it seems we have accomplished that.


The team is super happy. 😊"


Then, a little while later, we were treated to an amazing photograph of Cleo, whom also had the pleasure to be introduced to the new device!

Female Manteray Georgia Aquarium XXL Ray Cleo 295kg

Leah wrote;

"Good news is we LOVE the stretcher.

It's exactly what we needed and has worked like a dream.

Cleo fit so well and we are so happy!

She's grown more than expected so she just might need another custom job next year! Haha.

With still some water in the tray she weighed in at 295 kg. Crazy big ray!!!"


Leah also said:

"At Georgia Aquarium we primarily use 1-2-1 Animal Handling's Ray Carriers when working with our various species of stingrays.

They are durable and easy to work with and exactly what we need.

We have purchased all available sizes.

When I contacted them to have a ray carrier custom made for a ray larger than the standard line they were more than enthusiastic to help.

They created the XXL Ray Carrier that comfortably fits our beloved Blackblotched fantail ray Cleo, the largest Benthic ray in our collection.

They took into account the weight it needed to handle as well as shipping!

They envisioned and executed a foldable option for shipping and storage.

We have since used the XXL Ray Carrier for exams on not only Cleo, but our Green Sea Turtle and Bowmouth Guitarfish.

1-2-1 Animal Handling works hard to meet the needs of the customer and delivers a quality product every time!



We are still ecstatic and so chuffed with this 'feather in our cap'

Georgia is a prestigious aquarium and the welfare of their animals is second to none

To be able and provide an essential tool which proves both beneficial to the welfare of the Rays AND to the safety of the aquarist at the same time is wonderful

We want to thank Leah and her team for the continued support for 1-2-1 Animal Handling Products Ltd

It has been a tough few years, but these kind of projects make it all worthwhile!

Team 1-2-1

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