Sealife Germany combines a Custom Built Sea Turtle Carrier with our Prototype Sea Turtle Harness!

We are excited to share with you photographs of a project we have been working on with David Garcia at Sealife konstanz, Germany.

To facilitate the most effective capture and transportation of their sea turtle, David asked us to change the dimensions of our Sea Turtle Carrier (as the facility's doorways restricted the standard sized device)

And he also asked us to design a Sea Turtle Harness.

Manufacturing a bespoke device is never a problem, however, to design a new product (from scratch) is somewhat more challenging!

But, our design team managed to come up with a product which has proven to make the lives of the staff AND the sea turtle much easier.

And although the move was a success, we have been asked to change a few features so that the Sea Turtle Harness will be perfect.

Once this has been done, it will be launched and feature on our website.

Watch this space!

David writes...

"Hello Maureen, Hi Clem,

Today we used your two great devices, the Custom Built Sea Turtle Carrier and the Prototype Sea Turtle Harness!

The subject was Amadeus, our 134 kilo Green Sea Turtle.

The whole process went quite well, and I am happy to give you feedback for improvements to the Harness.

Once these changes have been made, I will be happy to order one and recommend you to my colleagues in the Sealife group

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Best regards,

David García


EUAC MON-P coordinator Rhinoptera sp.

SEA LIFE Konstanz"

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