Combining 1-2-1 products for the safe handling of stingrays!

We are pleased to see that Márton and Lilian are using our specialist products when medically treating one of the Leopoldi stingrays

The smooth rubber landing net to ensure the stingray will not get entangled

And although not puncture proof, the guards and gloves will help to reduce or prevent major injuries if something would go wrong

A second layer of defense, after that first layer.. which is; YOUR handling techniques!

Marton writes..

"Dear Clem!

We really love to use your gloves and rubber landing nets during our work in my private practice (Vet4Fish).

Last time all of them were helpful.

We treated an injured Leopoldi stingray (Potamotrygon leopoldi), and also performed tube feeding.

Without your protective gear we would be unable to perform all these veterinary procedures.

Of course the gloves protected my favourite vettech Lili too!"


Márton Hoitsy"

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