Leg Guard protection from the Otters at Sealife

Leg Guard protection from the Otters at Sealife

At Sealife in Birmingham, a new otter enclosure was built, and staff were provided with our Protective Leg Guards to try out.

In the past, the otters would bite into the boots which keepers usually wore. Their bites were strong enough to go through these boots and so they required extra protection. 

When the handlers tried new Leg Guards, the otters were trying to bite into them but were unable to bite through. They simply lost interest and according to James Robson the otters left the handlers in peace.

Our Protective Leg Guards simply wrap around the leg and cover it 360 degrees - even covering the ankles. They can be worn over normal boots and trousers.

"The snake proof leg protectors arrived today so we tried them out. The otters were really interested at first and tried chewing a bit on the straps, but it was interest not aggressive. After they started feeding they were very well behaved and relaxed, and afterwards did come back to investigate the protectors again but didn’t try to chew them."
James Robson @ Sealife Birmingham

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